Building Planning Applications

Discuss about Architectural Designs for House Plans – Enjoy the Unique Ideas

A home improvement project is no game. It not only necessitates your dedication, but also a huge amount of investment. Working with the right building service provider such as Grove Design UK allows you to get architectural designs in Chichester as you wish.


Here are a few building planning applications that you can incorporate to give your property a unique touch:


  • Add a Statement Mirror 

If your house is small in size, adding a mirror makes space feel larger, always welcome. Want to make the room look more appealing? You can install several small mirrors for a unique approach.

  • Make Your House Energy Efficient with Fretwork

Have a staircase going through the exterior of your property? Protect it with fretwork where installation of glass at the top and keeping the designs at the sides will not only make it look beautiful but also gives your property a magical touch.

  • Textured Wall Finishes

Most homeowners go for a smooth wall finish. But with the changing taste of property owners, patterned wall finishes are also gaining momentum in the construction industry. 

  • Make the Pantry Room Large

As food is essential, separating a room to store food is crucial. But most homeowners choose a small room or space to use as a pantry. However, the best solution is to go for a huge kitchen and pantry area to hoard for future use.

  •  Add a Fitness Spot

If you are a gym enthusiast, leaving a spot indoor or outdoor for a swimming pool or a few gym machines will make your space a perfect spot to relax, entertain and rejoice as well.

  • Outdoor is New Indoor

No, we are not suggesting you turn your patio into a bedroom but you can easily give it a look of a living room. Install glass panels at three sides of the room and incorporate a glass roof. And add a sofa or a few chairs and table along with a few shrubs. This not only offers the room a fresh look but also lets you enjoy the outdoors when you are indoor. And this is a need of the hour when you are mostly inside of your house. 

  • Make Your Bedroom Balcony Your Viewpoint

Want to enjoy the serene nature of your bed? Attach a balcony with your bedroom with a view that mesmerises you. 


 Prefer a Vintage Look over the Contemporary One? Work with Brickwork

Most homeowners love a modern, sleek-looking house. But some people love a vintage house and if you are one of them, install red brickwork in the exterior of your property for a crisp, vintage victorian look. 

  • Install a Wide Window Right in front of your Office Table

It’s especially effective when you have chosen a minimalist workspace as a window adds a touch of modernity and fullness to your room. Even if the home office is almost vacant, a window can make it look open and expressive. 

  • Sleek and Unique

A smooth, fine look is a dream of many homeowners. But incorporating this often requires brain-storming ideas. With a fine flooring solution, you can completely change the interior of your property.

  • Love Nature? Incorporate Nature-Inspired Materials 

Modern architectural drawings are inspired by nature. And the popularity of emphasizing nature in interior decor is rising. These sleek and timeless pieces are what sets you apart from other homeowners. 

  • Enjoy Futuristic Look with Metallic Touch to Your Exterior

This is new in the construction industry and architects incorporate these planning applications in Chichester property in growing numbers.  

If the architectural planning has amazed you, then work with Grove Design UK to enjoy top-notch architectural designs in Chichester. Browse the site for more ideas…