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Architectural Planning in Bognor Regis: 4 Things Your Drawings Should Include

Architectural drawings are powerful tools leveraged by the clients and civil engineers for presenting their ideas to the planners so that they are able to understand how your project will be integrated into the landscape in general.

There are quite a few things that you should always remember to take into account when preparing your blueprint for architectural planning in Bognor Regis, namely, scale, massing, materials, and layout and design.


Scale means how your construction will relate to the surroundings and your neighbours with respect to its size. To put things into perspective, if your upcoming extension is likely to outsize an adjacent home completely or you are to build a three-story townhouse in the midst of a bungalow, or a bijou cottage among seven- and six-story flats, the odds are pretty slim that your planning permission will be approved.

Using a suitable scale is the key to getting your design approved by the planning officer and you can get in touch with a verified local business like the Grove Design UK for making ideal drawings for architectural planning in Bognor Regis.


It refers to the three-dimensional shape of your building in general, such as a box, cube, and also the kind of texture it has, for instance, irregular or smooth. For example, Big Ben can be considered a cuboid that has a larger cuboid as well as a pyramid on its top. You may consult with an acclaimed neighbourhood business with an established track record in architectural design in West Sussex to know more in this regard.


The planning officer will evaluate your construction materials to figure out if they are to contrast or complement the surrounding buildings and whether or not they are suitable in that context. It is particularly vital for conservation areas and listed buildings. The planning authority will critically assess if your building materials are to match or blend with the present ones. You may visit a trusted company in the vicinity with a proven track record in project planning in West Sussex to learn more.


The planner will look for a carefully planned design that optimises living space and also offers a clear vision of how the various spaces are connected. You may call a renowned company in the neighbourhood that is well-acquainted with the inside and out of project management in West Sussex to help decide the design and layout of your planned constructions.


While the significance of architectural drawings is critical to the projects being represented, they should not be your only tool for project assessment. Your planning diagrams must also be complemented by descriptive statements wherever applicable.

Similar to an object of art, they are quite easy to prepare, but the planner who will be viewing them and the architect making the drawings both are looking for particular information that is least likely to be captured by the untrained eyes.

If you are searching for a credible planning consultancy at present, you may choose to schedule an appointment with Grove Design UK for preparing drawings for architectural planning in Bognor Regis.